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  • NSI # 8 Grand (Round) Brush

    * Made from pure, Kolinsky sable hair * Aids in the creation of thin, beautiful, and properly designed nail enhancements * Larger barrel allows for increased liquid pick-up

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  • NSI Balance Clear UV Gel Forms - 300ct/Roll

    * Created for use with the Balance UV Gel System, the clear forms allow UV light to penetrate for a complete cure preventing product lifting and over exposure * The unique design creates beautiful "C" curves on any nail typ * Easy to fit on any nail type...

    List Price: $18.20
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  • NSI Cleanse - 2 oz

    * Cleans and removes tacky dispersion layer of UV cured gel products * Cleanses all acrylic nail surfaces in preparation for Perma Gloss and Glaze 'n Go application * After filing, Cleanse removes any dust that may be hiding in the sidewalls of the nail...

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  • NSI Nail Wipes - 200ct

    Blend of Medical Lint-free fibers, all purpose wipe used for removal of nail polish, gel tacky layer, and much moreUse for:* Natural nail Polish Removal* Gel Polish Removal* Brush Cleaning* Gel Tacky Layer Removal* Dappen Dish Cleaning

    List Price: $3.25
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  • NSI Platinum Nail Forms - 300ct/Rolln

    * The unique design creates beautiful "C" curves on any nail type with no seepage * Easy to fit for faster enhancements * Sculpting grid allows for length and shape consistency from nail to nail * Attractive matte silver finish

    List Price: $13.00
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  • NSI Plush Brush Nail Dusting Brush

    Washable, sanitizable nail dust brush. Nail techs worldwide swear by this ingenious nail dusting brush. So much better than a fluffy cosmetic brush, which holds dust, it can be sanitized and washed - even in a dishwasher!

    List Price: $6.19
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  • NSI Polybond Adhesive Brush-On Clear 7 ml (6 pack)

    •Fast-drying adhesive that is extremely easy to use * Choose from brush-on or drop-on application in the clear adhesive * The container won’t clog or spill, essentially eliminating product waste * Pink Polybond is available in brush-on...

    List Price: $31.50
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  • NSI Royal Precision Brush # 8

    * #8 round brush with a slightly crimped ferrule made from pure kolinsky sable hair * Ergonomically designed for perfect balance and comfort * Vented cap offers protection for the brush during storage and travel while allowing air circulation and acts as...

    List Price: $57.15
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