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Anesi Soin du Regard

  • Soin du Regard Complete Kit

    Soin du Regard Complete Kit

    Naturally fragile and sensitive, the eye contour is the area that reflects the most the signs of ageing and the lack of specific care. ANESI SOIN DU REGARD provides the hygiene, protection, rest and renewal it needs to enjoy a truly alluring look...

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  • Eye Contour Serum - 0.53oz

    Eye Contour Serum - 0.53oz

    Glowing look serum, eye cream. Complete treatment for the eye contour. Light texture, its formula, rich in chrysantellum indicumand vitamin E, erases dark circles and bags under the eyes. Apply morning and night softly massaging until absorbed.

  • Eye Make Up Remover - 4.4oz

    Eye Make Up Remover - 4.4oz

    Waterproof eye cleansing emulsion. This luscious emulsion eliminates make-up from eyelashes, eyelids and eye contour. Its comfortable texture removes even waterproof mascara without irritating. Its formula includes soothing and moisturising agents and...

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  • Soin du Regard Kit

    Soin du Regard Kit

    Soin du Regard is a unique treatment to protect and moisturize the eye contour area. It also strengthens eyelashes for a stronger and thicker appearance. This original treatment improves elasticity and brightens skin texture for a captivating glance. ...

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