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Entity Clearance

  • Entity Nail Product Remover - 32oz (946mL)

    Design: Unique formula safely breaks down and removes acrylic products from the natural nail while protecting the surrounding skin from over drying. Entity Difference: Includes natural lanolin to soften and moisturize the skin.

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  • Entity Nanovive Booster - 16oz

    Give your ordinary skin care products and your sales a boost with new Nanovive Booster. Mix Nanovive Booster with any skin care product to add the encapsulated power of nanotechnology. Nanovive Booster contains time released emollients and...

    List Price: $9.95
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  • Entity Pinkest Success Sample Kit

    Discover the benefits of the Entity Acrylic System with this small size sample kit. Sample kit is boxed with a how-to booklet and contains: * Our most popular Entity Success Sculpting Liquid (.5 oz) * Entity White Sculpting Powder (4 g.) * Select...

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