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  • EzFlow Alternative Soak Off Gel Kit

    Soak off is a high quality formula that leads the way in gel technology. Created with perfect viscosity for quick and easy application, Soak Off gel keeps nails looking natural and healthy. Soak Off promotes growth and is easily removed using Soak Off...

    List Price: $49.95
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  • EzFlow Essential Oil Plus - 1/2oz

    Essential Oil Available in 1/2oz, 2oz and 8oz A conditioning oil for the cuticle and skin. Designed with jojoba oil and aloe vera, this product will rejuvenate and heal dry, damaged skin. Works with any system

    List Price: $3.95
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  • EzFlow Gel It! Cleanse It! - 2 oz

    Cleanse It! Solution pampers cuticles and surrounding skin with deeply nourishing Vitamin E as gooey, gummy residue melts away like magic. This gentle, fast-working solvent leaves your gels absolutely immaculate with no damage to enhancements

    List Price: $3.95
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  • EzFlow Light It! - 110v

    Your clients will see the light with the UV Lamp we've developed specifically to work with our Gel It! enhancements. They'll love the rapid, even curing and drying. You'll love the space-saving, single-hand design. It's even portable, for housecall!

    List Price: $149.95
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  • EzFlow Naughty & Nice L'Devil Gel Kit

    Explore the world of dazzling color with EzFlow Gel It! Gel Polish. Gel Polish creates beautiful long lasting color in one coat, without smudging or waiting for polish to dry. Gel Polish absolutely will not chip or peel.Gel Polish high fashion colors...

    List Price: $59.95
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  • EzFlow Sample Powders

    A Polymer and COMPETITION POWDERS are the other part of the powerful equation for perfect nail enhancements. In seven classic, gotta-have-it colors, both work with our Q Monomer Liquid. Our Competition Powders are quick-set to help you win... fast!

    List Price: $2.50
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