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Poshe Treatments

  • Poshe 4-in-1 Treatment BaseCoat - 2oz

    Treatment BaseCoat Four-in-One treatment basecoat for soft, peeling, thin, weak brittle or damaged nails For Soft, Weak, Brittle & Peeling Nails * Protein for Strength * Calcium for Hardness * Pro Vitamin B-5 (Panthenol) for Flexibility * No...

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  • Poshe A.H.A Cuticle Care - .5oz

    A unique blend of (AHA) Alpha Hydroxy Acids & botanicals specially formulated to exfoliate and hydrate problem cuticles and surrounding tissues. The Perfect Blend of 7% Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Botanicals. * Speeds Natural Exfoliation of Dry...

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  • Poshe Fast Drying BaseCoat - .5oz

    This fast-drying basecoat maintains the beauty of your manicure by providing a proper base for your polish and protects from staining.  For Healthy Natural & Artificial Nails * Maintains the beauty of your polish* For healthy natural &...

    List Price: $4.00
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  • Poshe Super Fast Drying TopCoat - 16oz

    This patented, super-fast drying, high shine and chip resistant topcoat dries the entire nail in just 5 minutes. Prevent yellowing, even in tanning beds. Nitrocellulose, toluene, and formaldehyde-free.

    List Price: $55.00
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  • Poshe Super-Fast Drying Top Coat - .5oz

    Super Fast Drying TopCoat Contains No Formaldehyde, No Toluene & No Nitrocellulose * Dries polish completely in 5 minutes * Highest Shine Available * Won't Turn Yellow * Chip Resistant * Contains 2 UV Inhibitors to protect your shaded...

    List Price: $4.75
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  • Poshe' Fishbowl Topcoat - 24 pcs

    Dries manicures completely in 5 ? 6 minutes! Sample Size Mini?s. These little mini?s pack a Big punch. Everything you expect from our award winning TopCoat in a small trial size. Great For Gifts Great Holiday Gift or Party Favor Low Price Point for Trial...

    List Price: $54.95
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