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Heat Dryers

  • Lanel Pedicure Warm &  Dryer

    Lanel Pedicure Warm & Dryer

    No More Cold Feet! Pedicure Dryer fits under manicure table to keep customers feet warm and dry during manicure. * 2 motors runs very quiet * 4-100w lamp for safe clean heat * Adjustable heat * Easy to carry * All metal construction * Black silver vein...

    List Price: $465.75
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  • Lanel Quik Nail Dri

    Lanel Quik Nail Dri

    Large, Powerful 110Vac Motor Creates Turbo Jet Air. For A Perfect Manicure, Dry Each Coat Before Applying The Next. Lanels Turbo Jet Dryer Will Quickly Do The Job. Small Enough To Fit Onto A Manicurists Table. 3 YEAR WARRANTY With the Quik-Nail-Dry,...

    List Price: $255.00
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  • Lanel Dual Quiet Dri Station

    Lanel Dual Quiet Dri Station

    2 Large Powerful 110Vac Motors Create Turbo Jet Air Needed To Dry Nails Quickly Turn switch on and fans will produce a cool swirling air current that removes thinners in polish to speed the drying bubbling or smudging, for a smooth long lasting, lustrous...

    List Price: $395.00
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