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Tammy Taylor Spa Pedicure

  • Tammy Taylor AromaSpa Energizing Crystals - 13 oz

    AromaSpa Energizing Crystals - 13 oz. All natural hydrating crystals may be used as an aroma therapeutic bath treatment or as an exfoliating scrub. Just pour a small amount into warm water or a whirlpool to create a special skin softening experience. To...

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  • Tammy Taylor AromaSpa Intense Massage Oil - 8 oz

    AromaSpa Intense Massage Oil - 8 oz. Aroma therapeutic, all natural oil that relives fatigue, reduces stress, refreshes the mind and relaxes sore muscles. Use as a massage oil, moisturizing bath or exfoliate scrub as follows: Pour a small amount in the...

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  • Tammy Taylor Peach Moisture Lotion - 8oz

    Specially formulated to care for skin exposed the dehydrating effects of sun, water, wind and cold. All natural formula with a soft peach scent, fortified with liposome, rare botanicals and vitamins for maximum moisturizing effect. Use before and after...

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