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GiGi Paraffin

  • GiGi Paraffin Warmer

    GiGi Paraffin Warmer

    Paraffin Bath: The GiGi® Paraffin Bath is oversized, commercial grade and holds up to 8 lbs. of paraffin wax, allowing for full wrist and ankle coverage. It also features a precise digital temperature control, a see-through spill-resistant locking...

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  • GiGi Paraffin Accessory Kit

    GiGi Paraffin Accessory Kit

    Paraffin Accessory Kit: The GiGi? Paraffin Accessory Kit provides everything you need to perform successful paraffin treatments. Kit Contains: 2 Hand Mitts, 1 Paraffin Brush, 26 Paraffin Protectors, 4oz Hand and Body Lotion, 4oz Antiseptic Spray

    List Price: $165.00
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