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  • Iwata Airbrush Gun - HP-A

    The HP-A is a high quality professional airbrush designed for precise control and fine detail work. Its fine needle/ nozzle configuration allows for excellent atomization. The 1/32oz. (.9ml) fluid...

    List Price: $122.78
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  • Iwata Airbrush Gun - HP-B

    The HP-B is similar to the HP-A except with a larger 1/16oz. (1.8ml) gravity feed color cup. The HP-B has excellent control and atomization and is great for illustration, photo retouching, and cake...

    List Price: $159.95
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  • Iwata Airbrush Gun - HP-C

    The HP-C is the most versatile of the HP series airbrushes. Its larger 1/3oz. (9ml) gravity feed cup and larger needle/nozzle configuration allow for use with most media. Great for both fine work and...

    List Price: $179.95
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