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ibd Jet Lamps

  • ibd iLite LED Lamp

    Designed for use with the IBD Just Gel Polish gel manicure line, this amazing little light will cure Just Gel Polish in just 30 seconds! No slow cure time of standard UV lights or changing bulbs. 6 Month warranty against defects from date of purchase. *6...

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  • ibd Jet Elite 36-Watt UV Lamp

    JET ELITE 36 watts ultra-high bulbs are strategically positioned nside the light for maximum exposure allowing every nail to cure thoroughly and evenly. Features adjustable hand placement sliding tray, with perfect thumb placement. When you push in, it...

    List Price: $249.00
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  • ibd Jet Elite Replacement Trays

    Replacement tray with built-in reflectors to ensure your jet system is working to its fullest potential! A key element to curing thoroughly and drying efficiently is the parabolic system. To maintain superior performance and to sanitize for a clean...

    List Price: $19.95
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  • ibd Jet Lamp 1000 Replacement Reflectors Kit

    Jet Lamp replacement Reflectors Ensure your Jet Lamp UV Bulbs are working to their fullest potential and your Jet Lamp Reflectors are helping you cure thoroughly and dry efficiently by replacing them every 3,000 hours or 6 to 12 months. For Jet 1000...

    List Price: $19.95
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